10th March 2024

We have had a lot of rain.  Some unfortunate people have had their houses or their farmland flooded.  Our house is higher than our garden so we are dry although the garden can easily get flooded.  In Britain it is common for us to bemoan the rainy days, even when not at risk of flooding.  It is the easy topic when passing someone on a walk.  Of course we need the rain and can appreciate it for that.  But perhaps we could also engage with the dull, rainy days and find and enjoy the difference they bring to our daily experience.  Our daughter Joy used to have a sign on her wall that said ‘Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it is about learning to dance in the rain.’  And she did.

Wet weather

The rain
has taken my garden,
folding it soft and wet
into grey arms
and closing me out.

I am marooned
in rooms and busy thoughts
but I can view
from a window.

Cowslips and buttercups
shine yellow
while the grass
shoots strong and green,
revelling in its muddy puddles. 

The garden is exercising its right
to be wild,
to soak itself in the weather
and let its roots gather
the profusion it craves. 

I will enjoy it vicariously.