11th January 2024

We are in winter, here in the North, a season of rest.  All the seasons are different, all are important.  Can we find the aspects of winter, of January, that will link us to our planet, and that will feed our soul?  ‘The Bones of Love’ is also the title and theme of my latest book which has not found a publisher yet!

The Bones of Love

Winter is about finding a different kind of life to the one we miss from the summer, different colours of soul that we do not notice when full-blown and bright.  As the trees go bare we add layers of clothes to our bodies but the dark can lay bare our souls.  This is the time of year when deaths and breakdowns can peak, when we are vulnerable to the footsteps beyond our walls.  In winter we need to be held by the network of love our lives have woven.  Love that warms the winter cold and lights fires to burn the dross we have carried through the year.  Love that faces our mistakes without losing its smile.  Love that links us to our own strengths when we struggle, to friends when we are alone, to God when we are afraid.  Love that fits our size, the smallness we feel in the large space of world. Love that wears the clothes of this bare season, not a sugar covering that dissolves in the dark.  Winter is the time to find the bones of love.