17th July 2023

I was honoured to be asked to write the theme poem for Jude Currivan’s amazing book ‘The story of Gaia’ (see www.wholeworld-view.org).

The Love Song of Cosmos

Theme poem for The Story of Gaia

In the beginning,
a breath.
So simple
yet perfect.

An exhalation of space-time
interwoven with energy
and dark energy,
matter and dark matter,
and early atoms
of hydrogen and helium
dancing, singing, cooling.

No random bang
but beauty, design, purpose.

The wait of the womb-like night
birthed early stars,
alchemical cauldrons
of elements needed for later,
fine-tuning and exact matching
of resonances
to craft carbon, nitrogen
and oxygen,
our building blocks
of organic life.

Then the thermonuclear blast
that seeded space
with stardust.

What power coalesced our planet,
held and in-formed
by her own star, Sol,
and twinned with our Moon
so their dance
drives healing tides
and future forms?

Gaia is not a static sphere
but a flow of magnetic, tectonic rocks
feeding oceans, making air,
changing and affecting each other
in a dynamic interplay of cohesion.

And so with the biosphere,
myriad beings finding
relationship and balance
in self-adjusting ecosystems
of innate unity
and complete diversity.

This is not blind, not accidental.
This, these, we
embody cosmic intelligence,
are sentient beings.

We are part of each other’s past.
We affect each other’s present.
We are Gaians.
We can co-create our future