23rd December 2022

We are just past the solstice and beginning the winter when cold and dark drive us inside to the light and the warmth and perhaps to a fire.  The earth is the only place in our solar system where there is fire because fire needs oxygen to burn.  Fire was essential to enable early humans to colonise the earth as it kept them warm in colder areas.  It also gave them light in the dark, enabled them to cook, to keep wild animals away, and to process their tools.  Some farming communities have used fire to clear the land, and wild fires have been helpful to clear old vegetation and leave space and nutrients for new growth.  Fire has been a great gift.  But recently there have been more frequent, larger and higher intensity wildfires which are destroying valuable ground cover, trees and wildlife plus nearby buildings.  Fire is one of many aspects of our planet where we need to see balance restored. 

Hoping you all have enough ‘fire’ for your warmth and cooking this winter, and sending love to those who don’t.

Winter Solstice

It is the time of the fading light,
a time when leaves are fallen,
birds are hushed
and cold has taken
the reigns.

The winter solstice.
The sun’s pause in its passing
before starting, so slowly,
to return.

Can we pause?
Can we follow its journey
into our own inner depths
and darkness
and find a rest there?

For tomorrow there will be fire
to warm the cold,
and friends
to warm the heart,

living in the interconnectedness
of all things,
our journey and the sun’s,
our darkness and our light,
and the fire that flames
at each connection.