4th November 2021

Cop 26, the UN climate change conference, is meeting in Glasgow from Sunday 31 October to Friday 12 November and we care about the decisions they make.


Days aren’t always sunny

Days aren’t always sunny.
Grey skies and chilled air
match my mood.
I have problems I cannot solve,
pain and fears I cannot fix.

Sitting here is a comfort,
a wild place floored with fallen leaves
like last year’s hopes,
brown and curled and finished.

Ivy pushes through them
and brambles surge
under the mossy branches,
beneath the dead tree.

There is a stream running through,
cold, clear water
burbling as it runs over rocks,
the sound staying here
while the stream moves on.

I take my troubles
and lay them in the stream.

I take my pain
and lay it in the leaves.

I take my sorrow and confusion
and dig it into the muddy ground.