The wisdom of God (1 Corinthians 1 & 2)

What is
the wisdom of God?
What is
the deep voice of Spirit
that was hidden for us
before time began?

It is not
the wisdom of man
that pleats reason
and finds paths to the sun
that never touch God.

It is not
clever reckoning
that can only engage
the elite,
clever speaking
that uses words
to twist conclusions.

It is not a wisdom
of division
or difference.

The wisdom of God
is a wisdom of earth,
of death and rebirth and harvest
as seeds are scattered
by wild winds and bird beaks.

It is a wisdom
of vulnerability.

It is a wisdom
that counts loss as gain
and measures giving
not getting.

The wisdom of God
is a shelter for the weak
and a stable
for the despised.

It is a product of heart
as well as mind
and has been broken open
by the Son who died for us.

For God’s wisdom
is the voice that whispers
in the darkest night
that all is well,
for we are loved.

It is the wisdom
of foolishness
that says we and God
can be one.

It is the wisdom
of homecoming
that knows our true source
is of heaven.

It is the wisdom
of thanksgiving
that paves our path to God
with joy.