You work out everything for your sweet purpose (Proverbs 16.1-19)

What kind of a king
is this?
I can live in the glow from
the brightening of your face,
I can bathe in your favour like
a rain cloud in spring.

I can sing
with pleasure at your pleasure
for my enemies will live
at peace with me
and your justice shall be
my course.

You invite me in
and hold the plans of my heart,
you answer me
through other tongues
and determine the path
that I walk.

I bring
whatever I do into
the peace of your presence,
pebbles in your stream,
and you promise the gold of wisdom,
the insight and strength to take
the way that is right
which you took first,
running up the road to meet me,
a highway of hope
that guards hearts and fulfils dreams.

You drink
the draughts of honest tongues,
you stop
the posturings of pride.
Your lips
speak as an oracle,
birthing boats to
bring us to your side.

I live
in your love and faithfulness,
my love and your love
a mutual abandon,
your faithfulness a father
to my following.
I am weighed and when found wanting
I can wear your love
as my redemption.

You work out everything
for your sweet purpose,
I can trust everything
into your care.