28th July 2022

In many parts of the world we have been experiencing extreme heat.  Here in England the temperature has broken all previous records.  With normal weather we can adjust our clothing and our heating.  But we are now experiencing extreme temperatures with wild fires and droughts plus extreme rainfall with catastrophic flooding. Although reported as being due to climate change, I haven’t noticed these events triggering a change in policies or actions that would ameliorate this.  Let us hope for more response individually and corporately as we now know that we can and do influence the weather.

The weight of our thirst

The river lies dry and cracked
and I have further to go
for water.

I walk this path each day
carrying the weight of our thirst.

We dig beneath the land now
for the ancient water,
deeper and deeper,
like chasing memories.

This land holds our memories
but soon we will have to leave.

We will walk a long path,
the young, the old, the cattle,
carrying the weight of our loss.