One word (Luke 4.31-44)

My boys, my boys!
Andrew started it,
leaving his brother to the fishing
while he went off to the River.
Crowds of them went –
John the Baptizer is a hot topic,
a prophet after all these years
of silence.

That’s where he met Jesus
and next thing Simon’s hooked as well.
I was worried;
what if both left the family business,
how would we eat?
Our mealtime topics were ‘fruits of forgiveness’
not wind, nets and fish.

I’d have gone to hear him myself if I could
but I had taken to bed with a fever –
what a day to be ill,
Shabbat when guests were coming.
My daughter could have looked after them
but there he was in my room,
coming towards me,
bending over me.

One word and it went –
my fever, my doubt, my fear.
Now I knew.

I got up to wait on them
so I could see him,
so I could hear what he said.
More came when Shabbat ended
– the sick, the searching, the oppressed
and I watched him heal them all.

They wanted him to stay
but he couldn’t.
I stayed
but the boys went with him.
They had to tell others
that the Kingdom of God has come.