Surely not I? (2 Timothy 3.1-9)

Could it be me
who would let you down,
who would live
in the house of your name,
the shape of your desire,
without the heart of your spirit,
without the fruit of your love?

In you
is the source of delight.
Might I forget
that pleasure is your gift
and seek its ways
on my own,
my love turning inward,
my need turning outward
with no grace to oil its path?
What a list
of folly and wrongdoing could result.

Lord, may I not find myself
proud or unforgiving,
conceited or ungrateful,
following the lure of money
or the lie of revenge.

I do not want to be untethered
from the discipline of your love
so my self-control unravels
and my desire for what is good
is lost.

I want to value people
not abuse them, not be brutal,
my words walls of support
not trapdoors of slander.

Help me to sow trust in this world,
to make a difference,
to create oases of peace.

I want to overcome evil with good.
I want to be your faithful servant.
I want to be holy.