I am not myself (Colossians 3.1)

I am not myself,
I am Christ raised on high.
I am not who I was
when I stumbled on sin and lost my way,
when guilt or fear kept
a close watch through the night,
when striving to perform or please
marked my day.

I am become another
and what a life is now mine!
The fullness of the freedom
of the blessings of heaven
fills my days and velvet-guards
my dark.
Each part of me is
welcomed and loved;
I am whole, I am one,
I am uncluttered by the past.
I am done with
death-dealing and dogma,
with mounting stairs to God.

I am not climbing
I am here,
raised on high.
I am alive with the life of Christ.
I have the fullness of God
in my veins,
the wisdom of God
a treasure in my heart.
I can live in his glory,
I can serve with his splendour,
I can know his ways for they are mine.
We are one.
I have been raised
with Christ.