7th September 2021

September 7th this year is Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. September is also the beginning of our academic year and the time after our summer break which feels like a new start for many of us. Life does not go on the same, there are always surprises and new beginnings, some more welcome than others.

It is easy to bemoan the things we are aware of that damage people and planet, but change comes by believing in the future and letting go of the past. Things can seem beyond our control, but holding hope and vision for new ways of co-operation, respect and wisdom helps to bring in the new.

I love this Rosh Hashanah blessing, usually given with a piece of apple dipped in honey. I send it to you, and to our planet:

May the Lord renew for you a year that is good and sweet.
(Use whatever term you are comfortable with)


I am sitting on the sand,
I am sitting on my planet.

I am rooted in this time,
I am present in this place.

This is my arena for life,
I leave footprints on its face.