About Jane

Jane’s writing links a love of this planet, its rocks and oceans, trees and bees, with experience of the intimacy and wildness of God, of Goddess, of Spirit.  It is a way of growing closer to the things she writes about.  It is a way of growing in love and in awareness of the Oneness linking us all. Her practice includes singing to the earth and the trees, and writing Praying for the Planet emails.

Her journey has included living in community at the Findhorn Foundation, celebrating Jewish festivals with her family and hosting a church in her home.  Her writing bridges Christian and Holistic spirituality.  She is particularly interested in the divine feminine, and in the fullness of Gaia.

She has qualifications in biology, geology and theology as well as counselling, education and pastoral studies.  She has been a teacher, youth worker and senior manager working with young people, the unemployed, and people with a mental health or substance abuse problem.  She home schooled her daughters when they were young.

Jane is a spiritual companion, she was a commissioned minister in a local church and is part of the core team of CANA (Christians Awakening to New Awareness) as well as WW-V  (WholeWorld-View).  She is a member of the Bus Pass to Broadway dance company and loves Cole Porter, orchids, colour and dragons.  She lives on the Western edge of London with her husband Bill and her dogs Bella and Rosie.