Christ a curse for me (Galatians 3.10-14)

When I come
into your presence with soft feet
your joy at my attending
fills my cup
and floors the road
I tread upon.

Yet some days drag heavy with
the subtlety of sin
or sorrow, the taste
of the waste and woundedness
of this world,
a warp my life weaves upon –
the long shadow of humankind,
the curse of knowing the worst
that hides in our hearts.

But you became
a curse for us,
you took the long shadow,
the pain of wrong choices,
our secret darkness.
You embodied the scorn,
the rejection,
the isolation
and took upon yourself
the separation from God
that is our deepest fear.

We are saved.

We are new children
of an old master,
we can come running into your presence
with the joy of life
not limping with regrets,
not downcast of face or soul
as there are no dark secrets,
just the light of love.

And with your light
you have restored to us
the goodness of God’s laws,
the delicious taste of the fruit of
for you also took the
curse of the law,
the prickly skin of punishment
for always falling short,
the bitter seed of legalism
for striving to succeed
so that the sweet flesh of God’s goodness
in word
can be ours
to refresh and bless
and no longer to curse.

So I come
into your presence with glad feet
and my joy at your attending
fills our cup
and floors the road
we tread upon.

The Scapegoat (Leviticus 16.1-22)

The wilderness calls.
I can hear the flap of its canvas,
feel the drought in its breath,
smell the baked bark of stone
as it burns in the boiling sun.
It is not home
save to jackals and outcasts,
demons and fears
and temptation.

Surely not I? (2 Timothy 3.1-9)

Could it be me
who would let you down,
who would live
in the house of your name,
the shape of your desire,
without the heart of your spirit,
without the fruit of your love?

I am not myself (Colossians 3.1)

I am not myself,
I am Christ raised on high.
I am not who I was
when I stumbled on sin and lost my way,
when guilt or fear kept
a close watch through the night,
when striving to perform or please
marked my day.