My Father’s House (Luke 2.41-52)

Our father, my father,
I come into your house
like a pauper to a palace
and you receive me with
open doors, open arms,
open heart.

I sit on crushed velvet,
I drink from your spirit,
I breathe in and out, in and out
your peace.

My love and your love
refresh each other,
your listening fills the silence,
trust is the bread we eat.

When I arise
I do not leave you.
My thoughts and my laughter
are shared with you.
I am your home,
you are my hearth.

The wisdom of God (1 Corinthians 1 & 2)

What is
the wisdom of God?
What is
the deep voice of Spirit
that was hidden for us
before time began?

The Ancient Paths (Jeremiah 6.16)

Cupped behind my breath
as I labour through my days
is a pause
that feels like an interruption
until I let its slow measure
wash in like a wave.

Jesus, the bread of life (John 6.25-59 & Exodus 16)

Because I believe,
you are my bread.
You are my food,
my diet of heaven.

You work out everything for your sweet purpose (Proverbs 16.1-19)

What kind of a king
is this?
I can live in the glow from
the brightening of your face,
I can bathe in your favour like
a rain cloud in spring.