The footfall of faith (1 Corinthians 10.23-11.1)

To live
for the glory of God,
to know the freedom
of surfing the Spirit,
of welcoming wonder,
of embracing the day

is not just to top up
my own well of worship
and throw thanks like confetti
around God’s heart.

It is to know the part
that love plays,
the beginning and end
of law,
the reason for freedom,
the source and song
of the Spirit.

Love is the footfall
of faith
that informs my choices
around others’ sensibilities
of conscience
while preserving
the inner freedom
of my heart.

A Canaanite Woman (Matthew 15.21-28)

What would he want of me,
for if I come to ask so big a thing,
what can I bring?

Hagar (Genesis 16.1-16)

I am an Egyptian
a long way from home,
travelling on an another’s journey,
following their dreams and destiny
with my service.

One word (Luke 4.31-44)

My boys, my boys!
Andrew started it,
leaving his brother to the fishing
while he went off to the River.
Crowds of them went –
John the Baptizer is a hot topic,
a prophet after all these years
of silence.

You came (Matthew 25.1-13)

You came
and I didn’t expect you then,
you needed me
and I wasn’t ready,
you’d invited me in
and I had to turn away,
you’d told me what to bring
and I hadn’t done it.