Mindfulness Poetry Trail

Mindfulness is the practise of being present in the moment, not busy elsewhere in the land of our thoughts. It is a practise that can help our wellbeing. As well as being used in times of meditation, it brings ourselves back to an awareness of the moment we are living – the body we are in, what we are doing and what is around us. It is a way of compassion and curiosity. So often we do not experience the world immediately to hand, do not let its richness and reality ground us.

A mindfulness poetry trail provides reflections in different locations as a focus for mindfulness, as an anchor and an inspiration. It works well in the grounds of retreat centres or places of worship.

I am available to come and write a mindfulness poetry trail for you. Contact Jane.

Being here
in the space of this moment,
heart and breath
the markers of this time,
I find a living presence,
an inward and outward peace
connecting me to my self
and to this vibrant world.

Tongues of green
still curled at the tips,
smooth to slide the rain down,
catching light
under the dark trees
like promises.